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COVID-19 Safety Measures

Thinking about visiting Redemption Hill? Find out about the measures we're taking to keep you safe.

What are we doing to help keep you safe?

Times have changed and we are taking steps to keep up with that change. Your safety is our top priority. Here are just a few changes we have made to ensure you have a safe and friendly worship experience.

We are More Frequently cleaning our facilities

In addition to our regular weekly cleaning, we have now started cleaning our facilities between services. This includes the worship center, bathrooms, and other high traffic areas.

We have Limited seating Capacity

We have reduced the number of seats in our worship center to help families social distance.

We have removed a lot of 'shared' items

You may find that our facilities look a little bare. This is intentional! We have removed items that lots of hands would have touched to help prevent cross contamination.

We have also temporarily removed Bibles from seat backs. However, if you would like a Bible to take with you, free, we will be happy to get you a new, unused copy. Just ask one of our volunteers for help.

We have temporarily closed our coffee bar

While our coffee bar is currently closed as a precautionary measure, you are still invited to bring coffee with you. So grab your favorite travel mug and get comfy, you'll find your not the only one. We love coffee at RHC!